Rafting, Skoolie Conversion, Canoeing
Rafting, Skoolie Conversion, Canoeing
Massive hits, Magnificent drops, and Marvelous Waves!
Articles on the How’s and Why’s of converting a school bus to an RV!  
Kind of like backpacking…but with better food!

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Water has fascinated me since I was a little kid. Both sets of grandparents lived on the lake and I LOVED going to visit them.
Even as a little tyke I was an early riser. I would be up at dawn fishing off the dock and watching the loons glide by. In the afternoon I would be swimming with my cousins, sailing the Sunfish around the cove and hitting golf balls (then retrieving them!) off the beach.


The Perfect Day Exercise

WARNING…Woo-woo, new-age, sentimental post coming.  Don’t read if you hate this stuff…

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