Develop the 3 ESSENTIAL Carpentry Skills You Need to Build Your Dream Skoolie...Even If You Have No Experience!

Your guide to mastering the fundamentals of measuring, cutting and joining wood.

By stripping away the literal and figurative CLUTTER from a frenzied life, Skoolie owners shift their focus to living a more mindful life.

And with the FREEDOM to simply tuck a few things away, you can turn the key and change the view out your front door whenever it suits you.

I LOVE living in our bus!  

Parked next to the river I can glimpse the reflection of the sunset on the water.

Hear the laps of the waves against the shore.

Smell dinner slowly roasting on the grill.

And that’s just the outside.  

All the little personal touches I crafted on the inside reflect my personality, values, and taste.  The hand-carved shelf posts, the antique oak dashboard with a copper pipe for the defrost and the butcher block countertop, all function as an extension of me.

I built it.  

And...if necessary...I can fix it.

But attempting this project without the necessary skills and knowledge quickly becomes overwhelmingly frustrating.

Skoolie life cooking

When You’re Desperate to Build
But Just Don’t Know How...

Crafting your own tiny home produces an unparalleled inner peace.  

But the PROCESS can be anything but peaceful.

In fact, it can be downright exasperating.

Instead, you:

  • Stare at a space and materials wondering how to even begin
  • Ruin a $50 sheet of plywood with a simple mistake
  • Measure and cut a 2x4 3 times and it still doesn’t fit
  • Take twice as long as necessary and STILL do a sloppy job because you used the wrong tool.
  • Waste HOURS of time on a project that could have taken minutes if you knew the shortcuts that the pros use

Sound familiar? too.  I’ve been there.

And so have many others.

In fact, this is the reason many people start then give up.

Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest make it look so easy.  

But it’s not.

Simple, but not easy.

You just need to know the simple tricks to get you on the right road!

Breaking It Down To The Fundamentals

The truth is: woodworking seems complex.  

But it’s really a series of simple concepts stacked on top of each other that makes it SEEM complex.

All those little marks on measuring tapes.

Those sharp teeth on spinning blades.

The hundreds of choices for nails and screws.

It seems like a lot to wrap your head around...much less master!

You might nail a few 2x4’s together for some basement shelves, but when it comes to finish carpentry it looks like a kindergartener’s art project.

But the reality’s not as complicated as you think.

As a teacher, coach and guide I can tell you that:

Anyone can learn to build gorgeous creations out of wood.

They just need someone to break it down.

A teacher.
drilling latch hole

3 Fundamental Woodworking Skills

1.  Measure

When working with wood, carpenters measure a “space,” then transfer that dimension to a piece of lumber.  It can feel intimidating...what are all those little tiny lines?  

And that’s just “reading!”  What about actually manipulating the measuring tape in space, making sure it lines up on the correct reference point?

Don’t worry...there’s a trick for that.

2.  Cut

Once you’ve determined the dimensions of the space, you need to cut a piece wood to fit it.

That can be even more intimidating!  Spinning blades can fling lumber and slice fingers.

(Don’t worry, fingers!  Safe techniques can protect you!)

What saw should I use and why?  How do I make precise cuts that not only fit the dimensions that I need but also look good? seems complicated...but it’s not.

3.  Join

Now that you’ve managed to measure and cut your pieces together, it’s time to assemble them in a desired shape.

And once again, you face an overwhelming number of choices.  Nails or screws?  What kind?  What...there’s a difference between a cordless drill and an impact driver?!  

It can seem overwhelming, but, as you see, it all comes down to measuring, cutting and joining.

Understanding Three Fundamentals Opens The Door To The World Of Carpentry

It seems complicated, and it’ll take some effort to learn, but anyone can do it.

And once you’ve mastered these concepts, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master carpenter!

You’ll be able to:

  • Frame and cover your walls
  • Build elegant OR rustic kitchen cabinets and doors
  • Install a stunning ceiling of natural wood
  • Design and build custom shelves to fit YOUR needs
  • Trim around all those funky angles

It all depends on understanding the basic principles of woodworking.

So I created a course to help you!

Preparing food in the skoolie kitchen

I’m Ted!

I wasn’t always a carpenter.  (I’ve been a high school teacher for almost 30 years.)  I had no idea how to even measure anything much else build it.  

But I had summers off.  And the shop teacher at school needed help with his house-building summer business.

So I showed up with a 12 ounce craft hammer.

He only laughed at me a little.  (Then gave me the framing hammer that I still use today so it’s all good!)

For a while, though, all I could really do to contribute was carry lumber around.  

But Tim is a teacher.  A GOOD teacher.

He took the time to TEACH me how to read a tape, how to cut accurately, and how to put it all altogether.  

I had the potential in me, I just needed someone to teach me the basics.

I helped him build several new houses.

Then I built one of my own.  (Including most of the furniture!)

Then I built a bus.

Now I want to help you build one, too!

Measure Cut & Join

Measure Cut & Join is a comprehensive, fundamentals-based woodworking course that will teach anyone the essential skills needed for carpentry.

I will show you how to measure, transfer measurements to lumber, and how to cut them safely and accurately.

Each video lesson comes with guided notes (to help you language-based learners!), practical activities (for you hands-on learners!), and quizzes to check understanding and reinforce your learning.

Build Your Toolbox…
One Skill At A Time!

Everyone works at a different pace and juggles a variety of schedules.  You can work at whatever pace suits’s all there when you are ready.

So if you want to crank it all out in a few days then go for it.

If you can only spare a bit of time in the evenings, that’s fine, too.  I’ve broken down each concept into bite-sized manageable units to accommodate every learning style.

However you want to approach it, this step-by-step guide will develop the skills and knowledge that you need to become a skilled and confident wood-worker like Tim did for me!

What You’ll Learn

1.  Measure

In the first part of the course you’ll learn how to read a tape measure.  And with the provided practice activities you’ll be able to do it quickly without staring at the tape for several minutes counting little black lines.  

You’ll learn to Measure ANYTHING to 1/16 of an inch.

You’ll also learn precision how to measure inside corners vs outside corners, and how to accurately transfer your measurement to a piece of lumber.

2.  Cut

In the second part of the course you’ll learn all about the different kinds of saw blades...which one for which job.

You will understand how to set up your cuts for safety, efficiency and accuracy.

You’ll know how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY use

  • A Skill Saw
  • A Miter Saw
  • A Table Saw
  • A Jigsaw
  • A Hole Saw

3.  Join

In the third part, you’ll explore the variety of methods for joining wood together.

You’ll learn:

  • Proper hammering technique
  • How to use a nail gun
  • The appropriate screws to use
  • How to use a Kreg Jig
  • How to glue up wood panels

You’ll even have a Final Project..plans and instructions included!

Sound good?

Now you could certainly learn all of this on Youtube and blog posts.

I’m not revealing super-secret-never-heard-about-before knowledge.

But I’m going to shorten the learning curve.


It would take HOURS, DAYS, even WEEKS to sort through all the videos on the interwebs to find the information you really need.

And that’s only if you find the RIGHT ones.  

There are hundreds of well-intentioned folks out there showing you the way they did it.  

But they’re not always right.

Or safe.

They’re also not teachers.

(By the way, Tim, our current shop teacher at  school, and our 40-year veteran contractor neighbor have all reviewed this course and given their stamp of approval!)

And simply WATCHING A VIDEO isn’t the same as LEARNING A SKILL.

I WATCHED Tim cut rafters for years.  Until I MADE them myself I didn’t really know how to do it.

I’m a teacher and a guide.  I’ve been doing it for years.  It’s what I do.

I’ve even garnered a few awards over the years for this work.  (Teacher of the Year State Finalist, Milken Award Winner, Guide of the year…twice!.  (Don't mean to brag...I'm just stoked to have impacted so many people...)


“Measure Cut & Join” offers an interactive opportunity to learn by INTERACTING with the lessons.

The learning checks and interactive activities provide opportunities for you to practice, reinforce and master your learning.

Youtube doesn’t do that.

But I can.

In my last teacher evaluation one of my students said, “The passion that Mr. Tibbetts has for teaching and what he teaches is inspiring. He drives everyone to do their best and wants you, the student, to succeed. He is always looking at the positives and is an amazing teacher!”

After completing “Measure Cut and Join” you will gain all the carpentry skills necessary to craft your own Skoolie!

kreg screws in skoolie dashboard

When you register for Measure, Cut & Join, you’ll also gain access to these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Guided notes for each module and Reference Sheets

Print these notes out and take them out to the bus or to your workshop for quick and easy reminders!

Bonus #2  Quizzes and activities after each module

The activities provide you with hands-on opportunities to PRACTICE the skills BEFORE taking the chance of ruining a $50 sheet of plywood with an avoidable mistake.

These aren’t “high stakes” quizzes.  No one sees them except you.  But they’re there FOR you!  They help reinforce your learning.  

By ENGAGING with the content it will STICK WITH YOU rather than just evaporate when you’re done watching.

It also REMINDS you that you just accomplished something!

Bonus #3  A final project!

Kind of like an exam...but more fun!  

After you’ve learned the concepts, apply your new skills to build a project tool box that you can use on the job.  

I’ve included detailed plans with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own handcrafted toolbox.

Bonus #4:  Private Facebook Group

It can be tough working on your own.  So this members-only group is set up to be your support system.  Ask questions, post examples of your work...SHARE the experience with other like-minded people.

And after almost 30 years in the classroom, I know the advantages of small class sizes.  

Sure, you can hop on a social media group with THOUSANDS of users..but it’s tough to be a real part of that community.  And, God forbid you ask a question and some troll posts some scathing reply or suggests you use the search bar.

We’re not about that.  We’re about clarifying questions, deepening understanding, and celebrating learning!

Sounds great, right?

Skoolie Dashboard defrost box

I can guess  what you’re thinking.

“I need to save money for that propane fridge and solar setup.”

I get it.

Courses aren’t cheap.  

A local college course costs $1800.

I keep seeing ads on my feeds trying to get me to buy Photoshop classes for $497.

Even a basic carpentry course NOT geared toward Tiny Homes and Skoolie Builds bills at $97.

But I know what it’s like to work on a budget.

And I’m not in this for the money.

(Really...I’m a high school teacher in Maine...if I wanted to rake in cash I’d sell used trucks)

I want to teach.  

I want to help YOU move forward in your dreams.

So, for right now I’m offering this course for $7.


“$7?!  That’s like...a couple 2x4's!”

I know.

But this is only the beginning.

In fact, to my knowledge it’s the only course like this.

Geared toward beginner Tiny Home builders.  Skoolie Builders.  Van Builders.

With interactive lessons.  Quizzes.  Activities.

It’s new...and I want to test it.

Improve it.

Then...maybe, raise the price with an improved version.

Then create more modules to help more people with more learning!

It’s all part of my master plan!

Still not sure if you want to invest $7?  

(Remember, if you avoid just ONE mistake on a piece of plywood you’ve already paid for this course….)

Tell you what...I guarantee you’ll find this course useful or your money back.  

For sure.  

And if you don’ worries.  Full refund.

I have thick skin; I’m a high school teacher, remember?

No risk.

But I’m betting that it will  kick start your project, give you the confidence you need to begin moving forward rather than wait and wonder if you have the skills to do it.

Or stare nervously at a $200 pile of lumber worried that you’ll make a costly mistake.

In fact, I’m not betting, I’m GUARANTEEING it.  

If for some reason Measure Cut & Join doesn’t work for you, just email me at within 30 days at and I’ll refund your tuition.

No problem.

Develop Your Skills!

When you enroll in Measure Cut & Join, you get:

Lifetime access to all materials and bonuses:

Over a dozen video lessons (and growing!) showing you EXACTLY how to perform each skill

Guided notes for each lesson

Practice activities to help you develop skills 

Quizzes for each lesson to check your understanding and reinforce your learning

Final project plans and directions

Private group membership for clarification and support

30 Day unconditional money back guarantee!!

For instant access, click the button below.

What Students Are Saying

“The passion that Mr. Tibbetts has for teaching and what he teaches is inspiring. He drives everyone to do their best and wants you, the student, to succeed. He is always looking at the positives and is an amazing teacher!”

KAdie C


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

There are about 12 videos between 6-12 minutes long.  The practice activities for each lesson should take between 10 and 20 minutes each.  The final project can be done in a day.

How do I know if this course is right for me?  

If you want to develop your basic carpentry skills and are looking for a focused, organized, and supportive environment to learn, then this course is for you.  And, if you find that it doesn’t meet your needs, then remember the money-back guarantee!

Is this course too basic for me?

Possibly.  Do you know why the tip of a tape measure slides?  What’s ? + 1/16th?  What’s a kerf?  If these concepts are unfamiliar to you, then Measure Cut & Join will get you up to speed!

What do I need for tools to complete this course?

You can do almost everything with a tape measure, a pencil and a handsaw.  I recommend at least a tape measure, a pencil, a drill, and a circular saw.  It would be helpful, but not necessary,  to have access to a level and a jig saw, too.

How is this course different from other ones?

It’s interactive.  I don’t just show you a video and expect you to learn.  I give you opportunities to practice, tasks to complete, and quizzes to check your understanding.  You DO this course, you don’t WATCH it.

rabeting grooves for skoolie bifold door

Hey, Thanks!

I’ve been a teacher, a coach, and a river guide for almost 30 years.  

It’s what I do.

You know what’s really cool about it?  I get to help other people develop their skills while continuing to hone mine.  

It’s fantastic.

So’s living on the bus.  Sharing a skoolie cooked dinner with friends and family...or when a random stranger stops by to check out the bus and says, “ built this?  Cool!”

I want YOU to be able to have the same experiences.

I remember the day I showed up on a job site with a 12 ounce craft hammer.

If I did can you.

Hope to see you inside!

All the best,


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